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Getting Back on the Horse

I’ve had a week of the running … again it was a planned one. Time to get back on the horse as they say. A couple of double-ups (as I call them) this week – which basically means running to and from work, a total milage of around 15 miles. I’ll do this today (Tuesday) and tomorrow. On Thursday just a 6 miler (as per my normal weekday running route)

Then on Monday (6th) I’ll be in Belfast running my 3rd Maraton there … this marks the start of a pretty crazy month of running in May – more on that later.



My Q1 Running Statistics

Jan 1st – March 31st

  • Total Miles – 258 
  • Longest Run – 26.3 miles (the Cambridge Boundary Run)
  • Fastest 10K Run  – 55.21
  • Blister Report – a few in the normal places
  • Weather Report – man it was cold at times, and snowy.
  • Events Completed – Cambridge Boundary Run (Full Marathon), Mud and Mayhem 10K (Thetford Forest)
Weekly Running Report - Q1 2013

Weekly Running Report – Q1 2013


Time For New Pants

A quick 6 miles today (54.30) in the beautiful Spring weather followed by a warm down in the gym. Hit the showers and as I getting changed I notice a bloke proper staring at the junk …. he catches on that I’ve spotted him and instead of getting embarrassed or packing up his stuff and getting the hell out he nodded and said .. “Nice Pants mate .. where did you get them ” ….  Given they had a huge NEXT blazoned across the rim kinda gave it away …

I think at this point he knew he had been rumbled and went as red as a tomato …. I caught the reaction of another bloke standing behind him ..  …. open mouthed ….

I think it’s time for new Pants ……

25th May … Fancy a Run ?

So 25th May, a meer 5 weeks (and 3 days) from today. That marks the peak of my training plan for the Wall Run, which at that point will be exactly 4 weeks from the big day.

On this day I plan to run for 12 hours …. 7am-7pm. I have a bit of a route already planned. It will consist of 2 loops hopefully around a 5 hour loop if I was doing this singularly, so adding on a bit extra for the stage I need to adopt the monkey-shuffle ….

I’ve also just realised that the Cambridge Beer Festival finishes that evening and I for one can’t think of a better way to finish  12 hours of running that to sup a couple of cold beers (hopefully in the sun)

Although I won’t mind running 12 hours by myself it would be nice to see some folks come out and run various parts to help pass the time. Anyone fancy joining me ?

Anyway, just an advance notice … plenty of miles to put into the tank before then (including a nice 8 miler home from work just now in the evening sun – just beautiful.

Run Forest Run [The Beard Update]

I’m not quite sure when the idea started, I think when a friend came over at Christmas and had discussed not shaving during the holiday break. Before that point the longest mine I had gone without a shave was perhaps 2 weeks, which it itself was enough to get a reasonable growth on.

Up until early March I had been trimming it, but now I’ve decided to let it grow, wild and like nature had intended it 🙂

The plan is to let it grow until at least my first Ultra of the season, which is less than 10 weeks away now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Beard !

Beard Update - April 2013

Big Weekender

Man, I remember I used to to comment on a big weekender coming up and that basically meant 2 days of hardcore party. Now it’s a bit different. This weekend I aim to push beyond 30 miles running over two days, a point which marks the start of +30mile sandwich runs (ie back to back) on the weekend and +50 miles per week. Having already covered almost 25 miles this week already (over two days) I’ll hopefully break my first 50+ week in this new training session.

Long and slow … steady pace. Looks to be about 18 miles so 3.5 hours would be ideal, but no issue if longer. Its about hours on my feet. The route listed below gives me the major climb (well major for Cambridgeshire) over the last 5 miles which I like as it certainly tests the old legs.  My aim, before the 1st Ultra of the season, is to do a 50mile weekender, ie 30 miles on the Saturday and then 20 on the Sunday. I won’t be able to even consider attempting that until the football season is over (I shoot (photo) football for a Sports Agency)

Right, enough typing, time to get out there ….

The Long Run

Today’s Planned Route