25th May … Fancy a Run ?

So 25th May, a meer 5 weeks (and 3 days) from today. That marks the peak of my training plan for the Wall Run, which at that point will be exactly 4 weeks from the big day.

On this day I plan to run for 12 hours …. 7am-7pm. I have a bit of a route already planned. It will consist of 2 loops hopefully around a 5 hour loop if I was doing this singularly, so adding on a bit extra for the stage I need to adopt the monkey-shuffle ….

I’ve also just realised that the Cambridge Beer Festival finishes that evening and I for one can’t think of a better way to finish  12 hours of running that to sup a couple of cold beers (hopefully in the sun)

Although I won’t mind running 12 hours by myself it would be nice to see some folks come out and run various parts to help pass the time. Anyone fancy joining me ?

Anyway, just an advance notice … plenty of miles to put into the tank before then (including a nice 8 miler home from work just now in the evening sun – just beautiful.

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