1 Week To Go

Well actually just over 1 week, but this time next week I’ll be about to board the train up to Newcastle and then from there over to the Race registration in Carlisle. Yes, it’s just over one week until I go back to attempt The Wall Run

Training has gone well – although I’ve not been running as much as I’d have liked in the past few weeks due to first a vacation in Mull and then a Business Trip to Houston. Still I did manage my 40 mile training run a few weeks back – felt good actually (completing in 10 hours). 

This weekend I plan a few short runs, just to keep the legs ticking over (I find the week before an event I get imaginary injuries so it’s always nice to confirm my legs are still working). Both runs I’ll be out with my full race day kit which always brings in the odd look or two. The weekend will also be spent confirming my kit, packing, checking and re-packing again. 

As you may know last year I had to pull out at mile 67 (out of 69) …. to this day I’m still not quite sure what happened. I’ve found it playing on my mind more and more as race day gets closer. This year I’ve simply set myself a target of finishing … I don’t care if its 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds ….  I actually found myself earlier checking my splits from last years event and thinking to myself – well if I can make up a few minutes here and a few minutes there .. 


For me I start at 7am on the Saturday .. and I run … (and run) until I finish …. it’s a simple as that.  

Simple … oh okay then 😉 

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