Run August Run Is Tomorrow

Despite completing the Thunder Run only this past weekend (write-up pending but you can view a video here) I’m now attempting to run every day in August. See more details on the plan here.

I’ve managed to convince over 20 other people to do it too and for each person who manages it I will donate a certain $$ rate to my charity – The Orangutan Rescue Centre.

Now I won’t be checking up on people but hopefully everyone can stay honest. Remember it’s only a mile per day and even if you shuffle along (as I do in the latter stages of an ultra) you could get your mile down in under 20 minutes.

So you are signed up for this .. what’s next?

  • you need to run at least 1 mile per day for the whole duration of August (1st – 31st)
  • at least every other day update me of your progress … ie what milage you did

And that’s it .. simples really 🙂

Really can’t wait to see everyone’s progress and hopefully at the end of the month raise a good deal of money for the charity.

The Runners and Riders

The Runners and Riders

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