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#RunAugustRun End of Week1 Status Report

Well #RunAugustRun is back and I was so happy to see over double the number of runners and walkers that we had last year. Looks like we have 46 folks who have agreed to attempt this challenge.

It’s been fantastic to get everyone’s daily updates  – you lot really are going great guns.

Well so far I have confirmed for at least 1 mile per day from over 20 folks – I know this number will rise as more confirmed totals come in.  At present, with the miles I have confirmed, we have run just over 650miles between us. As you can see from the map below this would take us to the Austrian border. Fantastic and we are well on the way to smashing our total of 2300 miles from last year.

RunAugustRun ...


Some highlights from the first week

  •  We had two Ultra runners contributing … Amanda Bashford who ran 40 miles and Dave Fawkner who managed 140 miles in a C2C challenge – 70 miles each day.
  • Everyone has run more than 1 mile on at least one of their days – you see it’s not so difficult to get up and out there people – well done.
  • Our top 3 runners in regards to total miles are, Dave Fawkner (155), Amanada Bashford (59) and Claire Aitkin (39)
  • Our runners are as far flung as South America with JoJo (our main main from last year) running and walking his way through Mexico

It’s top work from everyone so far …. from past experience the challenge really starts to get tougher from here on in as we enter the second week (especially as the weather perhaps starts to look a little damper). With no further Ultras (I don’t think) planned from anyone on the list we will all need to step up if we are to keep our plan for breaking 2300 miles … I know you can do it.

Oh and one last thing – thanks to all those who have already donated their £1 to the cause – if you have yet to do this then go ahead and click click to place your donation.

See you next week ..

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