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The Thunder Run Video Report

24 hours…. sun, heat, rain, thunder, mud (lots and lots of mud) … 80k … w00t !


Looking Back

It’s time to have a blog dedicated to my mad cap running escapades. I guess before I get too far ahead of myself it’s time to take a few moments to look back. I guess the best way to approach this is to ask myself a few questions.

How long have you been running? I used to run a little at school, mostly cross country and no longer than 5-6 miles. I then got back into running about 3 years ago when I joined a local gym. At that point getting to 10k was my aim, something I achieved with Sport Relief 10k 2010. Shortly after that entered myself into the Great North Run and then (without checking my calendar) I also had the Run to the Beat Half Marathon a meer 7 days later.  Next stop was the Belfast Marathon in May 2011 …. So yup, its been a relatively short time to get where I am right now.

Scottish Highlands Coast to Coast? So I was sitting in a bar in Houston, sipping at a very cold (and probably weak) America beer. I turned the page of Outdoor Fitness and the question shone out – Can you Cross Scotland in a weekend? I texted a few folks while I ordered another beer and within 2 hours a plan had been formed. Later that day I booked myself on. I had 3 months to train for it.

Duathlon you say, what’s that? Ha, there’s a story behind that. I was chatting to a girl at the gym and she mentioned that I was looking fitter and did I fancy entering a Duathlon?  Well of course not one to loose face I agreed, but had to check on Google what the heck a Duathlon was. I had 6 weeks to train. The week before the race I took at Abscess. The day before the race I was asked by the organisers if I was doing this as part of the qualification for the World Championships (yip it was more than just a gentle stroll in the park). When I arrived on my lazy boy fat tyre mountain bike with wide arse saddle I realised the trouble I was in. The first thing I did in the boot of my car was hack-saw of my mud-guard to make myself more streamlined. I was wearing a who ate all the pies tee-shirt. I started … it was cold and wet. I was sick on myself twice, the second time at break-neck speed. I pulled out. My first (but not my last DNF). I entered again the following year. I finished and more impressively wasn’t sick once 🙂

And now you run Ultras? I guess I do … Although I’ve only run 3 to date (The Wall Run, The Ripon Ultra and the Huntsville Texas Trails Ultra). The Wall Run was my first. It’s about 68 miles in total. The weather was bad. I got to mile 66 and had to pull out. My second DNF. I ended up in a wheel chair. Thankfully the feet recovered enough and I finished both the Ripon and Huntsville Ultras.

I hear you have fun with Blisters? I think those things deserve their very own blog post. Let’s just say they are big enough to create their own weather system.

So what’s next? Well you will just have to hang around here to find out 🙂