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24 Hours to Go

Well I type this sitting on a train heading to Newcastle … Then onto Carlisle for pre race registration. Yes it’s less than 24 hours until I start on my biggest and most likely toughest race of the year – The Wall Run.

Feeling a mixture of nerves and super excitement .. Probably in equal measures …. Race bags are packed …. Today is all about two things; relax and EAT. I’ve held back on eating too much this week so today I get to fill my boots (and the probably eat those as well).

Perhaps it was easier mentally last year as I had no idea what 69 miles running felt like ….. This year I kinda do (well I know how 67 of those 69 felt) and believe me it was tougher than 3 day old steak ….

It also looks like rain for at least part of the course (aka probably all of it) ….. It can’t be as wet as last year …. Can it ?

Today they say is the longest day ….. I reckon tomorrow may trump even that 🙂

See you on the other side !!