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Getting Fixed

Wow … I’ve so much to catch up on here, not least the conclusion to the 2014 #RunAugustRun adventure – which by the way was supported fantastically well by both the amount of miles completed (more on that in my next post) but also with the Pounds (and dollars) in generously donated.

Anyway … one thing that became obviously (and very painfully) clear was the fact that I needed to seriously consider getting myself fixed. You see for the past 18 months I’ve been running while injured … Stupid I know, idiotic even .. There were two main reasons for this (well three actually)

  1. I hate anything to do with Doctors .. I’m convinced that they are going to tie me down before poking and prodding me. Thankfully I’m generally a well person so have had limited need to visit them over the years. I live opposite a Health Clinic and I reckon they peer out of their blinds getting ready to snag me with a dog collar and pull me into a room for much prodding.
  2. When I ran the problem seemed to go away. Yup, after about 5 miles of running the problem cleared up and I felt pretty much pain free. The following day it was back and the longer I left running out of my daily plan the more painful the problem became.
  3. I hate anything to do with Doctors …

So after #RunAugustRun (where sadly I was only able to complete 1 mile per day) I realised that the pain was so severe that it was actually impacting my ability to even walk around. Time to face my fears head on and get myself fixed.

I’m currently in a 12 week program to help solve Tendo-Achiles Tendinosis … my goodness me it’s bloody painful when he is working it. So for the rest of the year I’m out of running … in fact right now I’m out of most things fitness related, which is actually really starting to bug me a little. I’ll hopefully be able to get on the bike over the next few weeks. I may even use the time out of running to get to swimming pool.

I’ve got plenty of crazy plans in my head for 2015 so I really want to give myself the best opportunity to get properly¬†fixed over the rest of 2014. I’ll keep you posted with my progress (and prodding)