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25th May – 12 Hour Training Run

As I posted earlier I’m planning a 12 hour training run on 25th May. My plan is to try and cover 40 miles over the 12 hours, and indeed try and keep a steady 4 miles per hour pace (and before you question my calculation I’m allowing for an hours worth of stopping to take on fuel over the course of the day (probably at least 30 minutes or so after lap1).

I know a few have expressed an interest in joining me for part of the run. Below I’ve listed out the route I plan for both lap1 and lap2. Basically both are quite similar in parts. I’ll leave home in Fulbourn, run through Cherry Hinton and then on into town. From here I’ll make my way out Madingley Road then onto Coton. From here it’s across into Granchester, over to Shelford and then back up over Lime Kiln Hill to Fulbourn. This will mark 20 miles and the end of lap1.

At this point Nicola plans to feed me .. and then run with me, for what will probably be her longest run to date (just over  8 miles). I’ll drop her off at Schlumberger and then out again to Coton and once again onto Granchester. At this point however rather than heading out to Shelford I’ll start making my way back into town with the finish on Jesus Green and a well deserved pint (or 2)

Fancy joining me for part … well you should be able to work out roughly where I am and on the day if you consider the 4mph pace.  I’ll also keep FB updated with the status. Would be great to run with a few of you .. although again bear in mind it will be a very slow pace (4mph) to allow me to get going throughout the day.

Lap1; 7am – 12pm 


Lap2; 12.30pm – 7pm

Lap2 The plan is to finish at 7pm at the Cambridge Beer Festival – for much needed restoration of course 🙂