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Run August Run – 5 Day Update

Wow … in fact WOW ! So many people, including a lot of folks who would not normally class themselves as runners have been checking in to confirm their runs – although we say at least a mile, most folks have covered more than this on at least a few occasions. Well done to each and every one of you who have taken this challenge on.

Some basic stats

  • We started with 31 runners
  • At the time of writing 18 have confirmed daily runs (I expect this to rise as a number of folks only check in every few days and give me several days of updates)
  • So far (1st – 5th August) for confirmed runs we have a total of 367 miles (or 14.1 marathons in old money)
  • Our biggest milage day so far was 96 (2nd) …
  • Our longest day runner so far was the amazing Ruth Goddard-McWilliams who managed a staggering 40 miles as part of her Grim Reaper Ultra – well done that girl I don’t think anyone will top that
  • Our top three runners in terms of total miles covered so far (confirmed check-ins) is Ruth (42), myself (27) and Dave Fawnker (20)

So just how far is 367 miles … well if we all left Cambridge in a big crazy flying machine (which would be full of ice cream and cider) and headed east … we would currently be having a little pit stop in Minden (Germany). Find out more about this place here. Have a little bit of an explore, perhaps dip your aching toes into the River Weser, but don’t stay too long – the Big Monkey Flying machine is rumbling up her engines .. we be putting some more miles down over the next few days as we continue our journey east 🙂

Cambridge - Minden (367 miles)

Cambridge – Minden (367 miles)

So what’s next ? Well in the next few days I’ll put together all the stats and publish. This event was never about competition … but I’m sure there will be a few of us who use it as further motivation to get out there and run.

Also how about a few little friendly competitions .

  • Around the middle of the month (and making sure to give everyone plenty of notice) we will have a fastest mile competition
  • How about to see who takes the prize for the most miles per day
  • Then of course we have to have a prize for the craziest running related story and/or picture during your training (we really want to see those pictures)
  • And of course our biggest day to date is 96 miles … we will try and push beyond that .. do you think we could break 150? (again plenty of notice that it will be our long day together run)

Don’t forget to keep posting your confirmed runs and make sure to tag it #runaugustrun so we can get a visible timeline on Facebook. I’m also planning a Google Hang Out at least once during the month .. if you don’t know what a Google Hangout is then check this out.

Really proud of all of you .. you may look at your miles and say .. but I’m only doing a mile or so a day … well it’s a mile further than those who choose to sit on their sofa and for that both myself and the Great Apes salute you ….

You guys rock !