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The Certificates Are On Their Way

#runaugustrun may be a distant memory but those who participated should be waking up this morning to a nice little surprise – their certificate of either completion or particiaption …

Once again a huge thanks to all who took part 🙂 #awesome !

#runaugustrun Certificate

#runaugustrun Certificate


September So Soon?

Didn’t that Go Quick 🙂 August I mean …. I’m sure there are a few of you out there who are disagreeing right now – especially those who managed to commit and stick to running every single day in August.

Well you can now take a seat, relax those weary legs – the challenge has officially come to an end. So how did we all do?

  • In total as a group we ran 2300 miles
  • 29 runners and walkers lined up on the start line on August 1st.
  • From our runners (20) an pretty amazing total of 8 of us managed to stick to 100%
  • From our walkers (9) 6 managed to stick to 100% (although this could be as high as 8 depending on some last minute totals.
  • Despite this being a 100% challenge those who missed a day here and there still, I think they would agree, have laid more miles down in August than at any previous point before – so for that an amazing achievement as well.
  • Our longest day was actually the last day (even that in itself is a tremendous effort) with just over 140 miles being ran or walked. Smashing effort folks.
  • Fastest mile goes to the speedster Lynne who cracked open a 6 minute 34 mile. I warned her that if she went any faster there may be a rift in the Space Time Continuum.
  • Longest miles on a single day was held by Ruth (a 40 mile ultra).
  • Top three folks in terms of total miles went to Jojo (298, including a marathon just for kicks on his last day), myself (181) and Emily (152). All 100% folks managed to break over 50 miles  which just shows that despite the challenge being a mile a day at least, folks were doing more than this. Cracking Stuff.

With 2300 miles under our belt we as a group would have reached the border of Iran (heading East), Mali (heading South) and if we had headed North, well let’s just say we would have been a tad chilly.

And now the important stuff. You have ran and walked, mostly with a smile on your face, for a month – what’s it all worth to the Great Apes? Well as you know at the beginning of this month I said I’d donate a certain amount to my chosen charity Orangutan Appeal  – and that time has come.

I’m pleased to say that all of your efforts have meant that I’ll be sticking an extra £300 into the appeal which takes my running total (excuse the pun) to almost £1700  !!  Thank you so much. This Charity and the work they do is very close to my heart and each and every penny of this £300 comes from each and every one of you. Amazing effort.

So pleased so many of you came along for the run and for those who managed to stick out for every day – truly amazing.  Expect some video / photo footage to be produced soon 🙂 Yes I have been collecting some of the photos and movie footage you have sent me 🙂

And now for me it’s back to normal training – two events left this year. The Cambridge Ultra (45 miles) on the 26th September and then a week later the Round Ripon Ultra (35 miles – hopefully not 40 after getting lost last year). Still places available in both if you want to enter 🙂

As a final recap the total miles are below – some of these may increase by a few miles here and there but I think I’m pretty much all caught up.

Thanks again ….

Total Miles in August

Total Miles in August

Now … about that Run 366 challenge 😉