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Run August Run – Reaching The Half Way Point

The Half Way Point Already, So Soon? WOW that went quick didn’t it 🙂

Well I’m sure some of us partaking in the #runaugustrun challenge are perhaps thinking a little differently but nonetheless we have made it to the half way point – and I’m pleased to report that most runners who started are still plodding on. We have had a few injuries along the way which has forced a few folks to pull out – but just like those left behind on the beaches after war, we will not forget you .. we will speak of you when we reach the promised land (err I mean September)

Anyway, so how as a group are we doing? Well in one word Bloody Fantastic (I was never that great at counting)

So far (and this number will increase as I know I’m missing a few check-ins from day15)

  • 1073 miles in total (or close to 50 marathons !!!) We not only broke 1000 miles but 50 marathons … wow !
  • Our furtherest single day runner is still the Super Awesome Ruth Goddard McWilliams (40 miles)
  • On day 13 we had our first runner pass 100 miles, take a bow Jojo Bombardo (he also makes some videos of his runs and listens to thrash metal – pretty rock and roll)
  • Despite the challenge asking for only 1 mile per day to qualify we as a group are averaging 3 miles per day.
  • Most miles run on a single day is still 3rd (100.58 miles)

Plotting our miles total on our “let’s all jump in The Great Ape Flying machine and fly east” tour … we would have passed through 6 different countries (and now in our 7th). Welcome everyone to Romania, or to be more specific just outside Zalau. Not sure there is too much to see here so just a quick bio break me thinks .. pick-up some food and push on. For the more observant amongst you, you may have noticed that I’ve changed the path of our plotted route. Instead of a direct east course we are flying south east – this has nothing to do with the fact that one day Nicola and I have hope to backpack around the world and I’m seeing how long it would take me (and the miles per day) to reach one of our first planned destinations in Asia 🙂 It was Alistair Reids fault for suggesting running to Singapore – honest. Actually if you want a spot of inspiration a fantastic book I recommend is Just a Little Run Around the World.

Day 15 and Still Going

Day 15 and Still Going

Speed Week (19th – 23rd August) 

As per my previous post it’s time to set a few challenges, the first of which will be our speed week. I had originally said a speed day, but given people are training for other things outside of #runaugustrun it may be impossible to get enough folks to run a fast mile on the same day. So the challenge now is to get you to set your best time for 1 mile. The only two stipulations are that you need to run it at some point between 19th-23rd August and that you need to post me a photo of evidence … Fastest time posted gets a nice little surprise at the end of the challenge (honest the surprise isn’t some sick joke like you have to run an extra day on September 1st … unless you want to of course)

Longest Day Challenge (Saturday 24th August) 

So our longest day to date has been the 3rd when we ran as a group just over 100 miles. We have come close on a few occasions since then and I’m hoping we can not only beat it but also push on – 150 perhaps? Typically folks are running longer at the weekends so it makes sense to have the challenge on that day. So 24th August if you are planning on running 1 mile .. try 2 miles .. If you are planning your long run … fancy going an extra mile or two just for (errr) fun? I’m sure as a group we can get to our target of 150 miles – in fact I have confidence in you lot – we can smash it 🙂

The Great Beer Meet-up

No date yet in the diary but I’ve put 3 Sundays out there on a  poll. Appreciate if you could go there and select which day works. I’ve plumped for a Sunday lunch slot. Partners of course invited and apologies in advance for those who are running far away places – had to go with the majority. I think we will all enjoy a beer and some tasty food and a chance to meet up with others who took part in the challenge.

Google Hangout

Speaking of meet-ups, the geek in me would love to hold a Google Hangout before the end of the month – more details on this soon but it would most likely be a week night, around 9pm (giving everyone ample opportunity to get their mile in, put the kids to bed and settle down for a bit of geeking out)

Right enough rambling from me … even though it’s 5.30am I’m thinking of getting out there and putting in my mile very soon (only a mile today as I have two Long Runs planned this weekend as I ramp up my training for the inaugural Cambridge Monster Ultra.) Don’t forget to keep posting videos, photos and stories of your running escapades to FaceBook tagging them #runaugustrun if you can.

Also appreciate if while you post stories about your running madness you perhaps post a little link back to the main sponsorship page which can be found here just in case friends and family would like to drop a few pennies in.

It’s been an awesome first half of the month – everyone who has taken part is amazing and for those still going every day – I’m so bloody proud of you all, stirling work.

Oh and here is a little graph showing the total miles covered by each person – note I’ve left in those who have sadly had to pull out – their miles in the early part of the month have pushed us on to Romania. For those still going perhaps these totals will spur you on a little in your daily totals.

Half Way Point - Total Miles

Half Way Point – Total Miles