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The Thunder Run Video Report

24 hours…. sun, heat, rain, thunder, mud (lots and lots of mud) … 80k … w00t !


Run August Run

So as many of you know I like to set myself the odd challenge or two. All in the name of a very good cause.

In just over 1 week I’ll be taking on the second of my 4 major challenges in 2013 – The Adidas ThunderRun (24 hours running around a 10k loop in Birmingham). I’m really looking forward to that event as it gives me the chance to not only put some good miles in but hopefully use the second half of the course to try out some new kit / food / running mantra without too much of a risk .. ie I should never be more than 10k from the camp site (unless I get lost)

Once that’s over my next event isn’t until the end of the September and while I had already planned to use that extended gap to put in some serious training I had started to think I needed to set myself a bit of a challenge for August.

And that’s where you could come in 🙂

You see I’m going to plan to run every day in August – taking inspiration from Coach Jeff and his Run for the Sun (now I believe in its third year)

And how can you help? Well while I’m running all these events for Charity I’ve not put too much of my own cash in so far (plenty of blood, sweat, tears and pork pies  .. but not that much $$). At the same time it can be difficult to continually ask friends and family for sponsorship (it’s one of the reasons why my calls out are few and far between)

So with both of those factors in mind I’d like you to join me…. Do you think you could run at least 1 mile every day in August?

For everyone who completes it I’ll donate an amount of cash – I already have an amount in mind I’d like to donate so won’t set myself at this stage any targets (I can just this this post going viral and 10,000 people signing up and Nicola beating me to a pulp with my own running shoe)

So there you go …. Run at least 1 mile every day in August (you can run more but it has to be at least 1 mile and it has to be every day) . Document your progress via a Google Spreadsheet I’ll have going soon and then at the end of it you can all be happy knowing that not only did you do some epic running, but you are helping a very worthwhile cause.

Let me know via email, by leaving a comment below or via FaceBook.

And don’t think you need to be an experienced runner to get on this – perhaps this could be the kick start you needed to get yourself some running mojo (and in doing so a healthier lifestyle)


My Q1 Running Statistics

Jan 1st – March 31st

  • Total Miles – 258 
  • Longest Run – 26.3 miles (the Cambridge Boundary Run)
  • Fastest 10K Run  – 55.21
  • Blister Report – a few in the normal places
  • Weather Report – man it was cold at times, and snowy.
  • Events Completed – Cambridge Boundary Run (Full Marathon), Mud and Mayhem 10K (Thetford Forest)
Weekly Running Report - Q1 2013

Weekly Running Report – Q1 2013