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Big Weekender

Man, I remember I used to to comment on a big weekender coming up and that basically meant 2 days of hardcore party. Now it’s a bit different. This weekend I aim to push beyond 30 miles running over two days, a point which marks the start of +30mile sandwich runs (ie back to back) on the weekend and +50 miles per week. Having already covered almost 25 miles this week already (over two days) I’ll hopefully break my first 50+ week in this new training session.

Long and slow … steady pace. Looks to be about 18 miles so 3.5 hours would be ideal, but no issue if longer. Its about hours on my feet. The route listed below gives me the major climb (well major for Cambridgeshire) over the last 5 miles which I like as it certainly tests the old legs. ┬áMy aim, before the 1st Ultra of the season, is to do a 50mile weekender, ie 30 miles on the Saturday and then 20 on the Sunday. I won’t be able to even consider attempting that until the football season is over (I shoot (photo) football for a Sports Agency)

Right, enough typing, time to get out there ….

The Long Run

Today’s Planned Route