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Lightweight Kit … Heavy Body …

I’m in a complete rut at the moment. Lots of shit going on in my life which has been quite difficult to deal with. I can always tell when things are not going well by my weight. While I’m never going to win any slimming contests, I feel something approaching healthy the closer to the 13stone mark I get (the lightest I’ve been in the past 5 years has been 13.1 … for all of about 3 days I think – as a reference the heaviest has been just over 16 stone). Now for me, 13 stone is still classed as overweight .. but it’s my baseline for the start of healthy.

Just jumped on the scales this morning, after another pretty bad weekend of junk food, too much beer and too little movement … 13.10 (or 193lbs) ….. They must be broken …. get off… shake them …. remove pants … step back on scales …. 13.11 (shit I’ve actually gained another lb .. I’m literally getting heavier as I stand here) …..

ARSE (which actually is quite toned – the only part of me that is)

I dare not jump back on in case it’s 13.12 …. so we will go with 13.11 (193lbs)

What makes this even more ridiculous is how I’ve also spent the past 4 hours (yes insomnia got me again) researching lightweight back packs for running/camera gear. Saving a few ounces here and there seems completely ridiculous given I’ve put on half a stone in the past few weeks. Right this is just getting silly now Nigel. Here you are talking about a life full of adventure, but if you carry on how you are going you may not get to experience it. You only get one body.

It’s just over 6 months until my 40th birthday – I’ve set myself a target to get down to 175lbs by then … the lightest I would have been in about 20 years ….. Going to be a significant challenge.

Tomorrow is St. Patricks Day … typically a day of excess when it comes to all things unhealthy for an Irishman. It also marks 170 days (including today) until my 40th birthday.

Perhaps I need to get serious about this – like proper serious. Could I give up all forms of alcohol until my 40th birthday? I’m not saying that I have a problem with drink … or perhaps I am. Not a serious problem you understand, but I certainly use it as an excuse to dull out the bad shit that’s going on right now. I’m sure I’m not alone. You know the social / casual drinker. I consider what I’ve drunk this past weekend.

  • Friday – 6 pints (airport)
  • Saturday – 3 pints (home)
  • Sunday – 8 cans (home)

Does not seem that bad, does it? But then I think of what I’ve consumed on other weekends … 3-4 cans normally per weekend evening (Friday-Sunday). Also Nicola and I have had the odd unplanned evening in the pub during the week (couple of pints) and I know at least once over the past month  I’ve drunk a bottle of wine in 1 evening. Again nothing approaching really serious, I don’t think, and yet just enough to make me not want to do too much the following day.

Past 7 Days Units

Past 7 Days Units

And yet .. when I run. When I head out and explore. I get a high so much better than anything a few beers could ever offer. I literally cannot stop smiling during a run, even if it’s hurting. And afterwards. I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something.

So yes … I think I’m going to hit publish on the Blog post …. and with it my complete abstention from alcohol until my 40th birthday.


Injury Update [FAT BOY DONE BAD]

Long Road

Posts have been few and far between give my lack of running due to injury. I am however pleased to report that while not 100% I’m certainly a heck of a lot better than I was a few months ago. I’ve been having weekly sessions at Cambridge Physiotherapy Clinic as well as daily exercises to both resolve the lumpy bits as well as strengthen my achilles for the future.

It’s been tough not running. For the first month I was okay with it – heck perhaps not even missing it too much. As the time away from running has lengthened my frustration has grown, compounded by the fact that my wife is back to running after our recent vacation and full of the joys getting outside for a run brings.

Fat Boy

I’ve actually done very little exercise (aka zero) since starting the program and this (given it is a continuous struggle for me) has seen me pile on a few (7) extra lbs in weight. I’ll never be one of these people who can get away with eating crap and it not showing and as I stepped onto the scales this morning I was annoyed to see how far I’ve let myself slip since stopping running. A few years to get to a weight I was beginning to be pleased with, and only a few short months to start to head (quite fast) in the opposition direction. A 3 week trip to South Africa (man they love their meat .. and wine … and some more meat) didn’t help my cause. Thankfully I now can spot the signs and feel myself carrying those few extra lbs.

Turning Corners

So this post hopefully starts me back on the straight and narrow. Firstly my physio has said that I can start to consider some short running again. I’m planning on heading out this morning. First run since 31st August (that’s 84 days or 2016 hours). While it’s still going to be quite a while until I can get back to any kind of distance it is at least encouraging to know that I can slip on my runners and at least get back out into the open. I also realise that I don’t want to go back to the bad old days regarding my fitness and weight and find that I’ve been using my injury as a lazy boy’s excuse to do zero exercise / drinking too much beer. I have two bikes which have had zero use in the past few months (one actually sitting on a roller in the garage so weather can’t be an excuse) and that has been something that even with the injury I’ve been allowed to do. Not good enough Nigel !!

Setting Targets

I’ve set myself a target to loose those extra lbs by 24th December (32 days from today) as well as regain a certain level of my fitness. While I’ve not signed up for any races in 2015 (nor do I think I will) I’ve got my eye on some interesting running challenges next year – just for me. I’ve learnt my lesson however and despite what seemed like an odd ability to get up and run 20 miles without too much thought I want to make sure I’m better prepared for running next time out.

With the latest version of iOS on the iPhone came the Health tool. I carry my iPhone everywhere and it is interesting to see how little I’ve been moving over the past few months – again something to make sure I change.

Too Few / Too Fat

Too Few / Too Fat

 24th December Targets 

  • Weight: 82.5KG
  • Daily Average Movement: 8KM

Fingers crossed for my run later and the start of stage 2 in my recovery.